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There have been several moments in the history of New Era Orchestra when it became clear that we need to move to the next level of our development. Our concert at Switzerland’s internationally acclaimed festival “Septembre Musical” became one of such qualitative leaps.

Under strong support of our long term partner and friend Mrs. Irina Paliashivili, the New Era
Orchestra started carving its way to the stage of the one of European most spectacular music
festivals. After 4 years of hard work we were invited in 2018 to perform at “September
Musical”, a breakthrough achieved by Ukrainian musicians for the first time for 73 years of the
Festival’s existence.

Septembre Musical – Trailer 2018

The impression created by the orchestra in Switzerland brought fresh perspective to the traditional Brand Ukraine. “Everyone commented on our youth and energy. We were received by festival audiences as a breath of fresh air from Ukraine,” Tetiana Kalinichenko reminisces. “This was our chance to introduce the new generation of Ukrainians who are changing the country. It was an opportunity to show people a vibrant Ukraine that is completely at odds with the depressing media coverage they may have encountered.”

“In September 2018, the New Era Orchestra from Kiev under the baton of its artistic director and chief conductor, Tatiana Kalinichenko, contributed a wonderful and remarkable concert to our International Music Festival SEPTEMBRE MUSICAL on Lake GENEVA , creating one of the highlights of the Festival’s concerts in Vevey.

The outstanding skills and great musicianship of the young players of this excellent orchestra are impressive. It would be great to hear them again and welcome them back to Switzerland during one of the post-COVID seasons in the next future.”

Tobias Richter
Director Septembre Musical festival, General Manager and Director of Grand Théâtre de Genève, Switzerland

Performance of the New Era Orchestra became a unique opportunity for Swiss audience to get acquainted with the huge potential of the musical culture of Ukraine. For the local public it was a real revelation to see such a high level of performance of the young Ukrainian orchestra.

“The Swiss debut of the New Era Orchestra successfully demonstrated the potential of the emerging generation of Ukrainian musicians…“

Anna Stavychenko
Music critic

September’s landmark appearance of New Era Orchestra in Switzerland became possible by tireless support of both Embassies of Switzerland in Ukraine and of Ukraine in Switzerland and huge personal devotion to this project of our dearest friends Mrs. Irina Paliashivili, Mr. Christian Schoenenberger, ex-Ambassador of Switzerland to Ukraine and Ms. Anne Bauty, the First Ambassador of Switzerland to Ukraine. Thanks to their commitment, our performance become a fabulous platform for cultural exchange.

03.09.2018, Septembre Musical Festival
Temple Saint – Martin, Vevey

Dezign by Daryna Momot
Works by sculptor Vladyslav Volosenko