Veracini: Overture No.6 in B flat major,  Part I, Allegro

Vivaldi:  Concerto for 4 violins in B minor, RV 580

Berezovsky: Sinfonia in C major

Bortniansky: Overture to the opera ‘La Fête du seigneur’

Vivaldi: Concerto in C major, RV 114

Bach:  Concerto for three violins BWV 1064R

Vivaldi:  L’Olimpiade,  Sinfonia RV 725

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New Era Orchestra is happy to welcome its audience under the vaults of St. Andrew’s Church (Andriivska tserkva), the most beautiful baroque church of Kyiv, just opened after a 12 years of reconstruction.

St. Andrew’s Church, built in 1753 is currently one of four architectural landmarks of Ukraine, which were included to the List of Mankind Treasures of Five Continents by the world society.

This architectural masterpiece is a perfect embodiment of the Baroque era ideas. No wonder St. Andrew’s Church is known as “the Pearl of the Baroque” because the literal translation of the word “Baroque” is an irregular-shaped pearl.


It is a great honor for us to perform the first online concert at this awesome historical site after a long time of hiatus, filling this space with a miraculous baroque music and bringing both Ukrainian and world masterpieces to our admirers both in Ukraine and overseas.

I is truly symbolic that the magnificent baroque interior of St. Andrew’s Church will be filled with the sounds of charming baroque music at the Eve of St. Andrew’s Day. Due to the current situation the grand opening will be held online.

The spirit of the Baroque – sparkling, flamboyant and vital is something we crave these days. Following the baroque authors, our concert is intended to remind about the ultimate value of music even in the hardest times the humanity had to withstand.

At our online-concert “Baroque through time” the New Era Orchestra, one of the best independent orchestras of Ukraine, will perform works of Vivaldi, Bach and Veracini along with the works of Bortniansky and Berezovsky, Ukrainian
composers who became the milestones of Ukrainian instrumental music of VIII century. We are unmeasurably grateful to restorers, architects, historians, as well as to our partner – the National Reserve "Sofia Kyivska" for the opportunity to become a part of this beautiful significant event. Join a marvelous story! Watch the broadcast of the concert on the 211Floor streaming platform.

Ukrainian National Musical treasures

Maksym Berezovsky was one of the most outstanding Ukrainian composers of the 18th century and the creator of the national classical choral concerto. It was the first time a Ukrainian composer had incorporated in his compositions all the leading genres of Western European music: operas, chamber instrumental works and new church choral forms.

Name of Berezovsky was engraved in gold letters on a marble board of Bologna Academy after Mozart’s name2 and his portrait, as belonged, was painted on the wall of the church of San Giacomo. If this portrait will be restored, it would be only plausible depiction of the composer…

Symphony in C (1770-1773), recently found in private collection in Rome is the first symphonic work written by Ukrainian composer and serves as evidence of a considerable number of Berezovsky’s other instrumental compositions that have been lost.

Monument to Maxim Berezovsky in Glukhov, unveiled in 1995. The sculptor is Inna Kolomiets.

Dmitry Bortniansky was born in Ukraine, grew up singing in the choir of the Russian Imperial court, studied composition in Italy, and later became the first native Slavic Kapellmeister to the czars. He was, by all accounts, a consummate choral director and highly successful composer

Because his singers were trained to sing a cappella motet, large-scale choral-orchestral works, and opera alike, Bortniansky’s choir had a varied sound unique to all of Europe. In his own music for the Orthodox church, which forbids the use of instruments, Bortniansky incorporated a symphonic approach to a cappella choral medium. The flexible grouping and alternation of solo and tutti voices that he developed in the choral concertos influenced the works of all later Slavic composers.

Drone Grand Tour – St Andrew’s Church, Kiev

Due to COVID times our concerts were cancelled or postponed to a later date.
Stay in touch with us: we are going to inform you about the upcoming concerts upon completion of our rescheduling.