New Era Orchestra is an outstanding independent Ukrainian chamber orchestra with an exquisite distinctive sound, renowned for its ability to achieve a refined balance between classical and contemporary music.

Famous for its innovative and often unexpected concert programs, New Era Orchestra have established themselves as new prominent players on the European music stage.

“Tatiana Kalinichenko has gathered an all-star orchestra together that is able to grasp the subtleties of different styles and perform with great mastery of sophisticated musical language. This gives the New Era Orchestra a special freshness and marks them out as a serious new player on the European music scene.”

Anna Stavychenko
Music critic

Tatiana Kalinichenko

Artistic director and conductor of New Era Orchestra


Tatiana Kalinichenko is a leader, co-founder, music director and conductor of the New Era Orchestra (Kyiv, Ukraine).

Tatiana’s conducting is a mix of unrestricted passion and profound concentration. New Era Orchestra led by Tatiana Kalinichenko is renowned for its extraordinary chemistry inside the Orchestra. Tatiana is endowed by an exquisite taste and unique musical flair. Her ability to elicit maximal potential of each musician and to make incredible ideas come true is outstanding.

Apart of her excellent qualities as a conductor, Tatiana has made a name as a strong leader and a successful managing director. By engaging world-class superstars to perform in Kyiv with New Era Orchestra, she has developed good relations at the international musical scene and has achieved a completely new level of recognition of talented Ukrainian musicians worldwide.

“Passion drives your carrier choice. Only a true passion makes you to undertake the vigorous actions which would shape your future destiny.”

Tatiana Kalinichenko

“Ukraine’s New Era Orchestra achieved an important soft power breakthrough in September 2018. The New Era Orchestra’s Swiss festival debut is a big win for Ukrainian cultural diplomacy.”

Peter Dickinson
Chief Editor “Business Ukraine Magazine”

Musicians of the
New Era Orchestra

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