New Era Orchestra is an outstanding independent Ukrainian chamber orchestra with an exquisite distinctive sound, renowned for its ability to achieve a refined balance between classical and contemporary music.

Famous for its innovative and often unexpected concert programs, New Era Orchestra have established themselves as new prominent players on the European music stage.

“New Era Orchestra is a symbol of the new young Ukraine and a testimony of the future of the country with its tremendous potential.“

Guillaume Sheurer
Ambassador of Switzerland in Ukraine

Septembre Musical Festival 2018 Temple Saint – Martin, Vevey

New Era Orchestra was created in 2007 in Kyiv, Ukraine by Tatiana Kalinichenko, who has been a co-founder, an Artistic director and a conductor of the orchestra ever since.

Bringing together talented Ukrainian musicians of the New Generation, Tatiana has gathered the real stars, capable of feeling and delivering finesse of their unique style and manner of performance.

Tatiana Kalinichenko was also the first who initiated a successful collaboration with world-class superstars, engaging them to perform in Kyiv with the New Era Orchestra. The orchestra has worked with the world’s most renowned soloists including Joshua Bell (violin, USA), Gautier Capuçon (cello, France), Sarah Chang (violin, USA), Avi Avital (mandolin, Israel-Germany), Maurice Steger (recorder, Switzerland), Christoph Sietzen (percussia, Austria), Kit Armstrong (piano, USA), Andrej Bielow (violin, Ukraine-Germany), Dino Saluzzi (bandoneon, Argentine), Danjulo Ishizaka (cello, Germany), etc.

“Ukraine’s New Era Orchestra achieved an important soft power breakthrough in September 2018. The New Era Orchestra’s Swiss festival debut is a big win for Ukrainian cultural diplomacy”

Peter Dickinson
Chief Editor “Business Ukraine Magazine

Tatiana is famous for her choice of exquisite concert programs, always pushing the boundaries of the Orchestra’s customary repertoire. New Era Orchestra reveals to Ukrainian audience the names of the composers who have become benchmarks for the world music stage. New Era Orchestra was the first in Ukraine to perform the works of such composers as: John Adams (USA), Philip Glass (USA), Michael Nyman, John Tavener, Max Richter (Great Britain), Avner Dorman (Israel), Iannis Xenakis (France), Takashi Yoshimatsu (Japan), Arturs Maskats (Latvia), etc.

Besides, the orchestra has premiered pieces by Giya Kancheli (Georgia-Belgium), Joaquin Rodrigo (Spain), Yasushi Akutagawa (Japan), Giovanni Sollima (Italy), Vitold Lutoslawsky and Krzysztof Penderecki (Poland), Dobrinka Tabakova (Bulgaria), Peter Breiner (Slovakia) and others.

New Era Orchestra was the first Ukrainian ensemble who has carved its way to the stage of one of the European most spectacular music festivals. They were first to perform at Switzerland’s internationally acclaimed festival “September Musical”, a breakthrough achieved by Ukrainian musicians for the first time for 73 years of the Festival’s existence. New Era Orchestra is also a frequent guest of the other significant events both at home and abroad.

“Playing with a strong partner you start playing better“

Fundamentals of Chess, 1883

Joshua Bell in Kyiv, 2015

The mission of New Era Orchestra is to make Ukraine a part of international music space, gaining to Ukrainian musical achievements their rightful place as some bright, unique phenomena of their own unprecedented value.

One of our biggest dream is to inspire Ukrainian Government and Ukrainian philanthropists for a creation of new innovative Concert Hall in Kyiv. We would like to create a synthesis of contemporary architecture and the best possible equipment for a working space for resident or invited orchestras to make a new Ukrainian music space an impressive addition to the world musical scene. And we will do our best to make our dream come to fruition.

New Era Orchestra’s transfers its experience and unfailing passion to the next generation of Ukrainian musicians, constantly inspiring and educating young talents by expanding their musical interests and experiences.

Our music breaks down boundaries and stereotypes, expands horizons and awakes vibes of crazy energy for life and creativity.

New Era Orchestra, Kyiv, 2021