Bouquet Kyiv Stage, Kyiv, Sophia Kyivska

New Era Orchestra

Artistic Director and Conductor: Tatiana Kalinichenko


Avi Avital, mandolin
Andrii Pavlov, violin
Kirill Sharapov, violin
Eugen Ulianov, percussia
Varvara Vasylieva, violin


IANNIS XENAKIS: Rebonds B for Percussion

JONNY GREENWOOD: Water for 2 flutes, tanpura, amplified piano /sampler keyboard & string orchestra
Premiere in Ukraine

GIOVANNI SOLLIMA: Mandolin Concerto
Premiere in Ukraine

HENRY PURCELL: “To the Hills” from Dido & Aneas, Act I, Z. 626

MARIN MARAIS: Tempeste from Alcione-Suite

HENRY PURCELL: Fantasia in 3 parts upon a ground

ANTONIO VIVALDI: Concerto for 2 Mandolins in G Major, RV 532


Supported by:

Between Worlds

The newest program “Between Worlds” which New Era Orchestra has prepared under participation of the Grammy-nominee Israeli mandolin virtuoso Avi Avital for Bouquet Kyiv Stage Festival allows Ukrainian audience to enjoy the newest pieces of contemporary classic and baroque masterpieces from a new angle of view.

“Between worlds” is a continuation of New Era Orchestra’s modus operandi.

New Era Orchestra reveals to Ukrainian audience the names of the top composers who have become benchmarks for the world music stage.   Famous for her choice of exquisite concert programs, Tatiana Kalinichenko, who is a co-founder, an Artistic director and a conductor of the orchestra, is always pushing the boundaries of the customary repertoire.

Grammy-nominated mandolinist Avi Avital is one of the world’s most exciting and adventurous musicians. The mandolin is more than just a musical instrument for Avi Avital – it’s the means with which he conquers continents, eras and cultural worlds. In his efforts  to expand the mandolin’s range of interpretation, he tirelessly melds its modern and historical roles.
“A musician who recognizes no boundaries except those of good taste and who has the artistry to persuade listeners to follow him anywhere.”


The current program “Between worlds” will be full of variety, contrasts and surprises, inviting the audience to a magnificent journey between the worlds of baroque, with its high degree of freedom and unselfconsciousness both in form and content and postmodern reminiscence of contemporary composers with their hidden quotations, hints, symbols, etc. To paraphrase Giovanni Sollima, whose Mandolin Concerto will be premiered in Ukraine by Avi Avital and the New Era Orchestra “There is something spiritual in the sound, something mystical, and the music benefits from the fact you are taken out of your comfort zone.”

Giovanni Sollima

In their search for works the New Era Orchestra has discovered some dazzling jewels, some well-known, others previously not performed in Ukraine. Their innovative and brilliant interpretations will lure the audience to a magnificent journey to the world of the finest shades of sound, allowing it to find their own angle of view and stay enchanted by appeared perfection.