Independent project

Danapris String Quartet

Danapris String Quartet is a community of ambitious musicians joined in an effort to create new music for Ukrainians and disseminate Ukrainian culture around the world.  Each quartet member is a distinguished creator with a remarkable musical career.  They are united, first and foremost, by an interest in modern academic music and expanding classical quartet performance to new horizons.

The first performance of the Danapris Quartet was in June 2018 at New Music Touchpoints festival in Lisbon, Portugal. This memorable concert featured highly professional and inspired musicians.

The European music community not only enjoyed works by recognized twentieth and twenty-first century artists, but also premiers by young Ukrainian composers.

The Danapris Quartet continued their remarkable popularization of Ukrainian music in the Ukrainian Quartet project with a grant from the President of Ukraine.  The string quartet selected outstanding works by multiple generations of Ukrainian composers for premier performances in Kyiv, Lviv, and Kharkiv.

The quartet chose the word Danapris, the Scythian name of the Dnipro river meaning deep water, as a symbol of national identity and a declaration of desire to unearth the best examples of Ukrainian and world music.